Spanish for working executives

Almost all the major Latin American countries except for Brazil have Spanish as their official language. Keeping market penetration strategy in mind, when it comes to marketing products in Latin America, Indian companies are faced with language barriers that become sort of a hindrance in developing proper market strategy. To put an end to such eventualities, HISPANICINDIA imparts language training programs in close association with  Modlingua Academy of Languages-one of the leading Modern Language  training Institutes in India.

Our Spanish language experts are well trained, have taken their degrees abroad and have acquired substantial knowledge about Latin American Culture. Few of our experts are even from Latin America and they are professionally qualified in imparting language training in India. These professionals have diplomatic, commercial and trade links, the interested language students can even take help of these professionals in knowing about the market of the country concerned.

Our system welcomes native speakers who intend to provide social services by imparting language, culture, dance, art training etc. With the help of this kind of a team our institute is able to impart language courses at a comparatively lower price, but without affecting the quality of the training. Maintenance of quality at all levels has helped this institute in getting recognition from Trade Promotion councils, Embassies, government bodies and leading corporate organizations of India as well as that of Latin America.

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