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Spanish for business Leaders

The workshop “Spanish for Business Leaders” focuses on quickly building basics of Spanish Language, culture, politics, economy and overall understanding of Hispanic world. The workshop not only covers the abc of Spanish grammar, but it also includes cross-cultural communication, and provides insight into historical, political and economic settings of Latin America from pre-Colombian period to colonization, followed by struggle for independence, dictatorial regime and its transition to vibrant economies of the world through their participation in trade blocks like MERCOSUR, NAFTA, SAFTA, ALADI, Andean Community, SELA, CARICOM, G3 etc.

Who should attend ?

This workshop is ideal for the CEOs, Directors, Senior Level Executives and Managers involved in designing and implementing business strategy for the growth of the company. The course is also suitable for Individuals who are required to effectively communicate with people in diverse business environments of Spain, Latin America and other parts of the world with Hispanic Presence. Scholars and Academician with interest in this area will have chance to benefit from the workshop and network with peers.

Key Objectives

1. Basics of Spanish Language  

  • Introduction to Spanish alphabets
  • Familiarization with alphabets, vowels and consonants, and pronunciation with the use of different types of tongue twisters.
  • Introduction to various types of verbs and their usage
  • Articles – Definite and Indefinite
  • Agreement of Number and Gender
  • Usage of Auxiliary verbs – Ser and Estar

2. Historical, Cultural and Political Setting of Hispanism

  • Brief on Spanish language and its expansion in 21 countries
  • Maya, Aztec, Inca empires of Latin America
  • Discovery, Conquest and Colonization of Latin America
  • Freedom Struggle and Independence
  • Caudillos y Dictatorship

3. Leading economies and opportunities in Latin America

  • Transition from Political instability to vibrant economies of the world
  • Introduction to Trade Blocs; MERCOSUR, NAFTA, SAFTA, ALADI, Andean Community, SELA, CARICOM and G3.
  • India – Latin America relations
  • Opportunities for Indian business houses in Latin America

4. Cross – Cultural Communication and Business Etiquette

  • Insight into Social and Cultural Practices in Spain and Latin America
  • Family Values, Machismo, Gifts, Dinning Protocol
  • Business meetings, Business negotiations, Dress Code
  • Health and safety, Crime, Bribes and other realities.

Trainers Profile       

Ravi Kumar, with his BA, MA and MPhil in Spanish and Latin American Studies is lead trainer and expert with over 15 years of experience in teaching and training. He has effectively executed more than 100 training programs and workshops on Spanish language and Latin American Studies and trained more than 1500 Business Executives. A PhD scholar, Mr. Kumar is regular visiting professor for Spanish and Latin American Studies at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi, ranked amongst Top 10 Business Schools in India for last 10 years, and has supervised more than 300 research papers and case studies at MBA level on various themes related to Spain and Latin American Countries. Prof. Ravi Kumar has also authored several books and articles on Spain and Latin America including his maiden book “Peru- Your Business Destination” published in Collaboration with Embassy of Peru in India.

In addition, Prof. Kumar has been regularly organizing International Conferences on various themes related to language, translation and cross cultural management, the most recent one, “Role of Language and Translation in Nation Building” organized in close cooperation with Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Cultural Center in New Delhi, December, 2010.

As Founder President of Indian Translators Association, Prof. Kumar is also a Social Entrepreneur of international repute. He was elected in Shanghai in August 2008 as Council Member (2008-2011) of International Federation of Translators connecting more than 110 associations of the world coming from 72 countries. Currently Prof. Kumar is also India representative for International Medical Interpreters Association, USA and he has been given special recognition by BhashaIndia (Indic language division of Microsoft India) for his contribution towards promotion of localization and translation activities in India. Prof. Kumar regularly writes for series of National as well as International journals and Magazines including Diplomatist-New Delhi; American Journal of Translators-Utah; ICCR-New Delhi; ITI-London; Inttranews-Brussels; SemiotiX-Toronto and Linguaindia Journal-New Delhi.

Registration Fees

Registration fees for 02 days non –residential workshop is Rs.14,500/-per participant inclusive of cost of study materials, lunch and refreshments. Kindly confirm the order by sending us payment in drafts/pay order/cheque drawn in favour of “Hispanicindia” payable at New Delhi. International Participants get in touch with our office for Swift Transfer Details. Limited travel facilitation services available for outstation participants.

Special Note: Upon successful completion of the workshop each participant will receive a Certificate.


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