Salsa Concert in Delhi

SALSA CONCERT MAMA JULIA IN CAPITAL CITY OF INDIA APRIL 07,2012, Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi Being Organized by Embassy of Colombia and ICCR

Salsa and Embassy of Colombia became the synonym for music and dance loving crowd of Delhi. This has became tradition of Embassy of Colombia to surprise the Delhi crowd by organizing series of such events.  salsa_concert_delhi

Embassy of Colombia, under the leadership of, Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra, current Ambassador of Colombia to India with concurrent accreditation to Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Indonesia is all set to refresh the memory of July 22, 2011, Banda La Republica performed at Siri Fort Auditorium and witnessed a huge gathering of more than 4000 people who enjoyed the Salsa concert on the occasion of National Day celebrations of Colombia. Embassy of Colombia, in association with ICCR, will be presenting its exceptionally great band from Colombia on the opening night of Latin American Festival of Performing Arts. Mama Julia – Urban Sounds and Salsa, well known for their unique approach to Salsa music and performing for the first time in Asia. Apart from rising trade and bilateral relations music being the soul and heart of any cultural exchange will help Colombia and other Latin American nations to showcase such talents and cultural presentations.

It is expected that Mama Julia – Urban Sounds will break all the earlier records. Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra since more than 4 years of his presence in India has been able to re-create Colombia´s brand in India as one of the favorable business destinations in Latin America and his acumen has helped Colombia attract more than 40 big business houses from India to start new venture in Colombia. As co-founder and president of the socioeconomic and technology research corporation of Colombia in his earlier days gave a complete new direction to Colombian business world. His passion, dedication and result oriented approach gives him special recognition in diplomatic circle in India.

He said that Colombia is not limited to Gabriel García Márquez, Mutis, Botero, Vives or Juanes, or Shakira, the nation has been producing some great talents in cinema, literature, music and other art forms. We have a fertile relation with ICCR and from the beginning we accepted its initiative to take part in their first Latin American Arts Festival. We won 2011 Film Festival of Cinema in Goa, and we hope to create great memories with Mama Julia in this Festival in New Delhi.

“The recent trend and growing interest of Indians in Latin American Dance and Music styles, Salsa being leading the group, has always encouraged us to bring the best from Colombia. As a matter of fact, Cali, third city of the country, is also known as World Capital of Salsa. We are witnessing the growing interest in the Bollywood, institutions and various schools reaching out for Salsa to an unbelievable extent. This is a pure sign of how close and adaptable the cultures of two nations are” said Ambassador Pinto to our Hispanicindia research team.

Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra, invites the Indian community by saying “this year, it’s my pleasure, on behalf of the Colombian community in India, to invite you to be the part of an Extraordinary Salsa Music Concert from the one of the emerging new band of my country performing first time in Asia – Mama Julia – Urban Sounds, this band recreates the sounds of afro-Colombian music with a touch of street style. The rhythm section is made up of traditional percussion from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, accompanied by the sweet jungle sound of the Chonta Marimba, typical of the southern Pacific coast. Their songs speak out on social issues and everyday life”.

With pleasure HISPANICINDIA, a leading Research Center involved in promotion of India hispanic relations has joined the Mama Julia- Salsa concert as Media Partner.

Free pass can be collected from the office of HISPANICINDIA or for a digital version of Invitation please do write to:

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