Ecuador in Images

On August 1, 2011 Embassy of Ecuador in India celebrated its National Day by inaugurating photography exhibition and launching the book “Ecuador in Images”. His Excellency, Mr. Carlos Abad, the Ambassador of Ecuador in India along with Mr. Cristobal Corral Vega, the photographer and invited dignitaries inaugurated the exhibition by lightening lamps by following Indian Traditions. He said ” it is said that a picture paints a thousand words, this is the reason we are gathered here today. I thought that through these photographs you can have a vivid, colorful glimpse of Ecuadorian biodiversity. The Amazon jungles, its mesmerizing flora and fauna. The big lands in the impressive volcanoes, beautiful beaches, the most comfortable and inviting accommodations in Ecuador and the last but not the least the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin confirmed his theory of evolution.” Ecuador_in_images

While explaining the beauty of his country Ecuador, he said, ” You can also contemplate the attractiveness of the preserved parts and monuments of colonial times in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, can also view some spectacular images of metropolitan city of Guayaquil, known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”. Guayaquil is the principal port of Ecuador.”

The colorful book , “Ecuador in Images” was distributed to the members present in  the inauguration is a promotional book which serves as handy guide for the information seekers and people Interested in making a visit to Ecuador.

Ecuadorian national day celebration in New Delhi followed by photography exhibition and book launch also demonstrates the aspirations of the Government of Ecuador to develop and strengthen strong ties with India, specially when a new model of development has been introduced in Ecuador under president Rafael Correa. While emphasizing on the need for strengthening south – south cooperation HE Mr. Carlos Abad also expressed his desire to work together with India and all other Latin American countries to find solutions to existing obstructions of connectivity, transport, identification of opportunities and reorganization of each other as vital trade partners.

HE Mr. Carlos Abad said, “Ecuador is keen to have more fascinating activities of cultural expressions of India in its lands so that the people of Ecuador may receive and construct an image of India, the beautiful country that possesses the unique millenary culture legacy”.


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