Author: Ravi Kumar, Editor in Chief, Hispanicindia

India has been importing wines mainly from France, Italy, Australia, Singapore, USA and UK. However, with the growing interaction with Latin American countries and signing of many bilateral and preferential trade agreements with these countries, a series of opportunities have been created for companies from both sides including in the field of wine import and export. Indian market, because of the high projected consumption pattern nd opportunities of growth that it offers to the wine industry, has now began attracting major wine producers from Latin American Countries including Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

Among Latin American countries, Chile finds itself well positioned to export its quality wines to India. Strategic collaborations and partnerships with Indian importers have helped Chilean Exporters increase their market share. While leading wine exporters have witnessed a downward trend in their exports to India between 2008-2010, Chile continued to maintain its upward movement. Thanks to proactive role played by Chilean government through its Pro Chile office in India.

Nestor_RiverosMr. Nestor Riveros, Minister Counsellor and Head of ProChile, the Commercial Office of Embassy of Chile in India in an exclusive interview with our editor in chief Prof. Ravi Kumar said that his office has set many goals to promote Chile-India Commercial relations and it aims at making Chile the second largest wine exporter to India in next three years. This could mean Chile sharing approx. 18% of the wine import market of India with a portfolio of at least 60 regular brands.

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Chilean Wine in India



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